Thursday, November 8, 2012

Design Time

I have been taping into my graphic designer lately and thought I would share some of it. For my resume, I created a personal logo because I thought it would help me stand out when applying for internships in art museums. Then I had the opportunity to design the MHSA shirt logo, which is based of the traditional museum temple sign design. And finally I made some business cards for my Best Friends Portraits mini business. It was nice to be creative in the middle of all the papers and tests!

Guns up!

I was never a big football fan, that is, until I came to Tech. This season has been tons of fun and I will miss it. Guns up! 


Remember that National Arts Program exhibition? Well I won first place in the intermediate section! Thank you Garden and Arts Center for paying off this college student's credit card with a $300 cash prize :D

The Lucky Quarter

As well as the forest piece, I am entering another exhibition at the Buddy Holly center in Lubbock for Día de los Muertos. This small painting is dedicated to my uncle that passed a few years ago. It was a difficult time for me because I was nearing the end of my undergrad and needed to decide what I wanted to do after graduation. I had been battling between going for an MFA or apply to Texas Tech for the Museum Studies program, a completely new career path. In traditional BriAnna format I flipped a coin and it landed heads for Tech six times. I felt like my uncle, who I always looked to for advice, was pointing me in the right direction. That is why the eyes are quarters and the butterflies in the hat are for soul and change. I am very pleased with this piece and all of the other artists that contributed to a wonderful exhibition. 

Final Forest Dream

I missed some progress shots, but the forest dream painting is now complete! If it had not been for a local art show it may have never been finished, ha. I am very pleased with how it came out and will be entering it in the National Arts Program exhibit at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center. 

I debated for a while whether or not to add the falling figure, but I think it makes the painting now. The figure is cut out of mat board, mounted on foam core to create a shadow, and then attached to the panel frame with nails so that it can be taken off if needed. The colors are much darker than I normally work, creating the night and glowing feel. Now I would like to start a new painting that steps away from my usual dream theme. All that I need now is inspiration!

Digital Art

Painting from home has been difficult with lack of space and money since starting grad school. But that just means that I need to try out other ways of making art! So I decided to give digital art a shot. At first I tried manipulating photos to create dreamscapes as seen in the first two images below. Then I found this amazing tutorial from illustrator Teagan White on painting print-like drawings in Photoshop and had a lot of fun recreating an image that previously failed in real print form. I hope to give this another try after this semester over.

Tutorial link: